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You’re looking for an experienced, to-the-trade custom drapery workroom that fabricates all of your window treatments while adhering to the highest standards of quality.  You’ve found that with us!  Our custom drapery workroom is one of the best in the country, and we fabricate all of our products in our workroom, which is one of the largest and best equipped in the entire country!  While there are many different drapery workrooms around today, from the large commercial manufacturing companies to the one-man show working out of his/her basement, there are very few which can match our quality, speed, and experience.

What you want in a custom drapery workroom:

The Best Equipment – If you’re an interior designer, you want to choose a drapery workroom with the right equipment. Precision machines for inspecting and cutting fabric, surgers, blindstitch machines, overlock machines, bar tackers, pleating machines… if you want your custom window treatments made correctly, your drapery workroom should have the right equipment for the job!  Good drapery workrooms should also have enough space in their workroom for large tables, and space to store drapery fabric and lining.  This will almost instantly preclude anyone working from his/her home.  (While the one-man show can ostensibly produce a custom drapery with just a sewing machine and a pair of scissors, the finished will be hard pressed to meet any quality custom drapery specifications.  Yes, the price of such a drapery will be low, but the quality will likewise be low.  Like it or not, you get what you pay for.)

High Capacity for Quick Turnaround – No one wants to wait a month for their work, so you want to find a drapery workroom that has the production capacity to accommodate multiple, large jobs.  Obviously, this means having multiple sewing (and other) machines.  The best of the best (like Don’s Drapery Mfg., Inc.) will have specialized machinery, such as vertical tabling machines and hydraulic grommet presses, which greatly speed up the drapery manufacturing process.  Beware of workrooms promising “guaranteed” turnaround time — true quality custom work cannot be rushed, even with specialized equipment.

Experience – To avoid problems, you want to find a drapery workroom with the experience to do every job right the first time.  Manufacturing custom window treatments is an art, and no one gets good at it overnight!  Experienced drapery workrooms will know things about the manufacturing process that you might not know, and the best of the best (like Don’s Drapery Mfg., Inc.) will review your jobs with you to make sure you haven’t missed any important considerations.  They will also have experienced seamstresses and machine operators who have developed the skill needed to produce a fine product.

Exclusively To The Trade – As an interior designer or decorator, you want to provide the highest quality product to your clients, and you want to pay a fair price.  The best custom drapery workrooms will provide that to you without trying to expand their own bottom line by marketing directly to consumers.

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