Roman & Balloon Shades

Custom Roman Shades NJ

Custom Roman Shades are available in a wide variety of styles including flat Roman shades, unconstructed Roman shades, and soft-pleated Roman shades.  These stacking treatments are great for blocking the sun or adding privacy, but can be raised to let in the sun or showcase a beautiful view.  A more elegant alternative to blinds and modern shades, custom Roman shades NJ can including banding, and can be fabricated as two (or three) shades on one headrail, or even Bottom-up/top-down.  Custom Roman Shades are one of the most popular window treatment options for the past decade, and can easily be combined with other window treatment options to create an the perfect look for your designs.  Two of the most popular combination options are Roman shades with side panel draperies and Roman shades with a custom valance.

Custom Balloon Shades

Custom Balloon Shades are another alternative to blinds, and a balloon shade gathers into folds as it is raised.  These custom shades are also available in a wide variety of styles which are each very distinct.  From the goblet style which can lend an airy, light feeling to a window to the formal & elegant Austrian Shade, these custom shades hold their own on a window.

Either of these treatment styles can be fabricated with either a standard clutch or a clutch roller as necessary .

Whether you are in need of custom Roman shades or custom balloon shades, Don’s Drapery has the craftsmanship to provide you with exactly what you need.  We know that each client is unique, and so each job is custom tailored to your client’s needs.

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